On this page you will find testimonials from a few of the glorious people I have been lucky enough to work with over the last few years.

“I have taken several classes with Rosie in the past. She is an exceptional teacher. She works well with a group of students whilst paying attention to individual differences. I find this part of her teaching particularly important as I have physical conditions that can restrict my movements. Her corrections have been helpful to me outside of the classes. The studio is warm and inviting and the atmosphere changes to suit each class. Highly recommended.” – Kimberley, former student

"Rosie's ability to work with an artist's existing ideas and choreography, develop, refine and enhance it, and still keep the original essence intact is phenomenal.  She is thoughtful, focused, encouraging, and extremely talented, and always my first stop for choreography tuition." – Felicity Furore, Burlesuqe Performer and Model

“Rosie helped me no end with my most successful cabaret act to date, and I put that success in no small part down to her! She helped me with every aspect of the act from the dancing to the comedy element (which was an added bonus!). I always recommend her to fellow performers when they are constructing their acts, and I will be going back to Rosie when I am creating mine!” – Carmen Mon Oxide, operatic cabaret singer and performance artist

“Rosie is a wonderful teacher. She was kind, patient and seemed to immediately understand how to help me.

Go to her.

Go!” – Kimmy Von Shimmy, Burlesque performer and teacher

"As a teacher I get to workshop my students acts, but wanted a fresh pair of eyes to look at the strip section of my own new act I was launching - "Les Plumes Epiques". With my biggest costume to date - and a launch on a big stage coming up - Rosie was the perfect lady to help me break the act down, finesse the routine, and inject some serious 'juice' into my bump and grind with her belly dance background! With years of experience in teaching, training and performing, Rosie was a great pair of eyes to spot the details that elevated the act - and as a professional she made the session fun, accessible and critiqued without judgement - I'm looking forward to working with her again!" – Lady May, Burlesque performer, teacher, and founder of The Teaser's Toolkit

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